Ranger’s Apprentice 15 part graphic challenge
Part 9: Seven Scenes (1/7) 
➙ Gathering of the Ranger Corps (Ruins of Gorlan)

"It was a warm sense of belonging, as if, somehow,  Will had arrived home for the first time in his life"


Brotherband  - Book One - The Outcasts

Book one - The Outcasts - for the Brotherband Chronicles by John A. Flanagan. I’m honored to also be illustrating the Brotherband series, companion series to The Ranger’s Apprentice, Art Directed by the amazing Irene Vandervoort and the Art team at Penguin.

See the covers and read more about this series on John Flanagan’s Web site: http://www.worldofjohnflanagan.com/the-brotherband-chronicles/


Wardmates - ‘til the end.

Based off  this amazing piece of art

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how long have you liked rangers apprentice?


So i was part of this Random House Publishing Program (in like 2004-ish) where they got kids to read manuscripts of soon-to-be published novels and review them and surprise surprise i got an unpublished copy of the Ruins of Gorlan . I immediately fell in love with the series and was overjoyed when i finally bought a proper copy. I’ve been reading them ever since (such a big part of my childhood ^_^). I still have a soft spot for the series <3 (hence the blog). 

(Also hi, thanks for following xx)

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Graphic Challenge (Ranger’s Apprentice Edition) ~ six actors (6/6)

Kenneth Branagh as Baron Arald

Graphic Challenge (Ranger’s Apprentice Edition) ~ six actors (5/6)

Reece Ritchie as Will Treaty


Hunting by Ines92


Ranger's Apprentice 15 Part Graphic Challenge
 ↬ 1/3 Antagonists // Sir Keren
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I have time to come on here, and I may not have access to scanning but I have updated the /blogs page on my blog!! And now I’ll go start making the next graphic for the graphic challenge!

I love how much the fandom is thriving!! Anyone I missed on the blogs page please tell me~ And if you want to be taken off them tell me that’s fine too :)

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Ranger’s Apprentice 15 Part Graphic Challenge
Part 10: Six Places (3/6) 
 ➨ The Ruins of Gorlan 


Some more pictures from me and sarcatlady’s cosplay. Gosh this was fun xD

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“A hundred people is rather a large handful for the four of us to take on,” Malcolm pointed out. “Do you have any ideas about how we’re going to handle that task?”
"Simple," Halt told him. "We’ll surround them.”

― John Flanagan, Halt’s Peril (x)


Ranger's Apprentice 15 Part Graphic Challenge
 ↬ 1/2 Three Person Friendships // Halt + Horace + Will



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